A Short Summer Trip


I was wearing:

 Bikini: Olenka
Skirt: Bershka
Shoes: Dosenbach
Head Band: Asos
Flash Tatoos: Retail Store Manor
Shades: Ray Ban

Photographed by Reto T. / Edited by me. 

As usual, time went by far too quickly. Here I am sitting at home, trying to put this beautiful but far too short get-away into words. I always felt blessed (sometimes cursed) to have been born into two completely different cultures. One of the best things about it is though that I have two places I can come home to. I typically visit my hometown Antalya 3 to 4 times a year, depending mostly on my tight student budget…

However, this year my boyfriend and I were having minor troubles to agree on where we’d be going, what kind of vacation we wanted and mostly on how much we’d be ready to spend on it. In the end, we almost decided to stay in Zurich, maybe taking minor trips to nearby cities. Luckily I remembered this beautiful boutique hotel I stumbled on last year. I was on vacation with my family when we found this little treasure accommodation by accident. It didn’t take much longer and my boyfriend had booked the room…

 Seven beautiful days have past and here I am sitting with my green tea, looking forward to what comes next… Maybe some gelato? But first, let me tell you about our experience at Diva Hotel. Located on a peninsula called Kas, Diva Hotel is about a three hours drive from Antalya airport, on the south-west coast of Turkey. I prefer the western part of Antalya to the eastern coastline because of the Taurus mountains. It’s a rather rare thing to have the sea and the mountains making up one beautiful scenery together. During spring and autumn you can even have a swim while there’s still snow on the tip of the Taurus mountains.

Like I said, Diva Hotel is located on a tiny peninsula pointing towards the greek island Megisti. It has one of the best views in Kas and even private access to the sea. I think I never saw water as crystal clear anywhere else. The rooms are simply furnished but large, including a bedroom, living room, bathroom and a balcony. I wish I could have stayed there for longer, mainly because of the fact that we had made the perfect choice with our accommodation. It’s the perfect little hotel to spend the whole day at the sea or venture around Kas. For the occasion that you’re still looking for some holiday inspiration in a private, marvellous setting, check it out on http://www.divakas.com/en/.

Lisa Leyla





Zurich based fashion and lifestyle blogger.


  • Victoria
    July 21, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    Loved the striped fun on your outfit! And the clear blue water looks amazing!

    • leylasbazaar
      July 21, 2015 at 10:48 pm

      Thanks Victoria, so nice to hear that. I was as amazed as you are when I saw it. Kas is beautiful and still so untouched… I can’t wait to go back soon…
      Have a lovely evening!

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