Avinas Jewelry & Why I Swear on Rose Gold

Whoever watches my not-so-frequently-updated Instastories knows that I received a package with some pretty jewelry last Wednesday. Yay!

Again, if you watched my story you also saw me babbling about why I rather wear rose gold instead of golden or silver jewelry, but here’s why in case you didn’t: while gold can look super brassy on light skin and silver does not really pop, rose gold is the perfect in-between (btw: took me 22 years to find that out, wish someone had told me earlier – duh!).

Personally, that’s exactly what I need, the in-between. Since I’m a mixture between warm toned hair and eyes and cool toned skin and rose gold is neither too heavy nor too light on me. Also, how pretty is Avinas Jewelry? I’m wearing their “Confetti Chocker Necklace” (in rose gold) and their “Tiny Moon Cuff” (also in rose gold). Thanks guys, I’m in love! Oh, and free shipping in Switzerland, can’t get any better, right? I think I might need their Bohemian ring next…



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