City Guide Amsterdam – Best Places to Stay, Eat and Shop

City Guide Amsterdam – IAMSTERDAM!

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you Amsterdam was the coolest city I’ve ever been to, but believe me or not, this city has much to offer besides the numerous coffeeshops it’s famous for. Amsterdam’s urban, cool and super hip vibe comes across not only through the architecture and its cool boutiques, but also through the Dutch people who seem incredibly chilled, outgoing and friendly. I reckoned I would suggest to you my favourite places to stay, eat and shop as a collective city guide, where you can directly track the places and stores through the inbound links. As I am trying to keep things short, I organised the post as a list whenever possible, so if you’re planning to visit Amsterdam any time soon, you can check out the direct links I included.

Places to Stay

Depending on your budget and your preferences, you might prefer an Airbnb or a hotel for your stay. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice so far, once in a cosy 2 room apartment on Bilderdijk street, once very close to the central station at the Renaissance hotel. To me, both hotel and apartment come with different advantages and disadvantages. What I like about renting a flat is the feeling you get about living in a normal apartment. I genuinely feel more local when I rent a flat rather than staying at a hotel. However, a big plus about staying at a hotel is the gym, as I love to start my days with a good morning workout. If you’re looking for the perfect location, a good quality/price ratio and high quality service, I can definitely recommend the Renaissance hotel.

Places to Eat

Amsterdam has a lot to offer from a culinary perspective, from steakhouses over international cuisine to juiceries and vegan food, Amsterdam’s got it all. Here’s a list of my favourite stops in the city, including a short description of the restaurant type, an estimated price range per person (without alcohol) and an indication to the atmosphere of the restaurant:

Toro Dorado

Best adress for steaks in town / 30-50 euros p.P. / semi-chic, white tablecloth.

De Kas

Urban fancy food / 50 euro p.P / urban-chic, white tablecloth / reservation needed.


Healthy salads, sandwiches and pastry / 10 – 20 euros p.P / cute, cosy café.

Green House Kitchen

Classical food with a modern, healthy twist / 25-30 euros p.P / cosy, urban.


Best and cheapest juicery in town / 4 – 6 euros per juice / juices and healthy food store.

Shop till you Drop

I would be broke if I stayed any longer in Amsterdam aka shopping dreamland. Small boutiques, famous brands and mega retailers, there’s nothing to miss out in Amsterdam. My favorite location to wander about though, definitely is the 9 Straatjes area by the 3 famous Keizer-, Prinsen- and Heren canals. Not only is the area super instagramable (this word should be introduces to the dictionary), but also the boutiques and small shops are very unique and stylish. They range from cheap to pricey over vintage to high-end, just saying, a shopper’s paradise. To name a few of my favourite shopping destinations in this region, I’d definitely suggest to you Zoe Karrsen, I love vintage, Acne Studios, Comme des Garcons, and Spoiled. Moreover, there are also some great markets around the city. My all-time favourite will have to be the Lindengracht Market where you can discover organic food, flowers and some awesome vintage pieces on Saturdays, from 9 am till 4 pm.

PS: Below you can see the pictures, listed in a chronological order accompanying the text, starting with a few city shots going over to the hotel, restaurants and last but not least shops and boutiques. I particularly kept this travel post an all English post, however, let me know if you wish a German version of it. 

Amsterdam City Guide - Best Places to Stay, Eat and Shop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Guide - Best Places to Stay, Eat and Shop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Guide - Best Places to Stay, Eat and Shop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Guide - Best Places to Stay, Eat and Shop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Guide - Best Places to Stay, Eat and Shop in Amsterdam

Best Places to Eat, Drink and Shop in Amsterdam

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Best Places to Eat, Drink and Shop in Amsterdam



city guide amsterdam

city guide amsterdam






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