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Jeans: Levis 501
Blouse: Flea Market
Vest: Zara
Bag: Balenciaga City Bag
Shoes: Gucci
Watch: Nicole Vienna

Pictures by Carina

Erasmus Life – A Rough Start

As a notorious perfectionist, booking ahead apartments totally goes against my rule of visiting a flat before moving in. It’s like speed dating or fine dining restaurants, you never know what you get. I can’t help it, but I try to find the best option regarding ANY aspect of life in ANY situation. No matter whether its a hunt for a room or just a place to have lunch at, I’m always eager to find the optimal version for the best price. Little did I know, it would be so difficult to find an accommodation in a city like Lisbon…

Here I am, having slept in dormitory for the first time ever and it’s been exactly 5 days since I haven’t had a decent sleep. Hearing that instead of 6, this year 15 (!) thousand people are on an erasmus exchange in the city, I can only advise you to book in advance, even if it means not being able to see the room you’re going to be living in. It would be even wiser to come to Lisbon a couple of months ahead of time, organise a room and have it all sorted out on arrival. In my case, teaming up with a friend might be the solution, as well as lowering standards and being ready to pay more than expected…

All in all, it’s definitely an experience to be searching flats in circumstances like these. Every failure is a life lesson of it’s own and I truly believe that it’s just a matter of time when failures turn into strengths.  Meanwhile, I’m keeping my head up high and try to enjoy Lisbon, because this city literally blows my mind every time I leave my beautiful (!!!) dormitory.







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