What Erasmus in Lisbon is Like 

As some of you might already know, I spent my last semester in Lisbon, studying at Nova Business school as an exchange student. After writing a detailed but boring experience report for my home university, I thought I might as well write one for the blog, a slighlty different, uncensored version of course. PS: for the visual consumers of this blog, scroll down for more pictures, I’m not offended.

So, again, as some of my older readers might recollect, I initially had planned to do my semester abroad in Istanbul. Gladly, that didn’t work out and I’ve been able to get to know and love yet another mesmerizing city, Lisbon. However, as I already wrote a blogpost about Lisbon in general here, I prefer to highlight the Erasmus part in this little piece of writing.

Frankly, I mainly applied for an exchange semester because a) I would have hated myself for feeling to have missed a compulsory student-life-experience and b) I very much dislike the city I’m studying in. After all, St. Gallen is pretty much a foggy, depressing kind of valley with three night clubs, out of which, well three, are absolutely horrible (please, comment below if you know the place and you’re with me on that..).

Excited about leaving St. Gallen for a while, I was all in for Lisbon. Hence, my first few weeks basically consisted of partying and trying to make new friends as well as finding an apartment, which was really tough. It appeared Lisbon was a sort of Erasmus mekka, which meant thousands of students flying in during the month of September, all similarly eager to find a place to stay asap. At first, I was disappointed. I did not expect Lisbon to be so international, well, I thought I’d be spending my time with Portuguese people. Turns out, I ended up living with Germans, befriending Turks and holding tight to the one Portuguese I knew from the beginning, my exchange buddy from Nova.

Time flew so fast, here I am, about to fly home within just two weeks. If somebody asked me right now, what I remember from those past few months, I’d probably answer along the lines of; I remember exploring Lisbon and heading to Porto and the Azores over the weekend. I remember a few trips to the beach during September and October. I remember the amazing nights out at my favourite bar, by the wine. I remember taking tons of pictures for the blog with my Lisbon bestie, Diogo. Last but not least, I remember amazing hauls at Zara, since everything is half the price of what I would pay in Switzerland.

Well, what’s it like to be on an Erasmus exchange in Lisbon you ask? I guess that depends on how you like to spend your time – duh! Personally, Lisbon has been an amazing experience and had lots of fun to offer. Be it sightseeing, shopping, going out, meeting new people or just enjoying the warm weather and the sunshine, Lisbon’s got it all. Erasmus in Lisbon? Highly recommended!

If you have any questions about Lisbon or the exchange part of it, please feel free to post a comment below, I’ll get back to you! 


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