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*Bangkok Rhama XIII

I’m at the airport again, this time, leaving Bangkok and heading to Chiang Mai, the North of Thailand. On a side note, I just had a family come over, showing me their Iphone screen with an open google tanslate tab, saying “can we take a picture with you?”. It’s weird how a nasal bridge and light hair is such a rarity here. Anyhow, as Reto and I are leaving Bangkok tonight, I would like to recap on the last three, very exciting days in Bangkok in this post. So here we go, let’s start with day 1…

After arriving in Bangkok and spending some horrible hours adjusting to the air conditions and the impolite tuck tuck drivers and a remarkable inconvenience regarding our airbnb we had booked in advance, we were exhausted and kind of worried about whether we would like Bangkok at all. Shocked about how few English people are able to speak and how taxi drivers just don’t seem to know how to take you to any place at all, we honestly were having our doubts. Turns out though, we just needed to know a few things to juggle with things… If you’ve never been to Bangkok before, beware of 3 things. First of all, people usually cannot talk English or talk it in kind you won’t be able to understand. Secondly, taxi drivers usually don’t know the places you’re heading to, unless it’s written super big on any map, like Siam square or the airport. Thirdly, Thai people hate to be yelled at, they will be rude or impolite if you talk loudly to them, so lower your voice!



*Bangkok Sukhumvit area



*Bangkok, China Town


A little wiser the second day, we took a cab and went for breakfast at an amazing Australian café called brekkie. The brekkie indeed was super yummy, and the staff is adorable. Since Brekkie is located in the Sukhumvit area (pretty much the place to be for anything), we strolled around and headed for health land, a high-quality massage chain. We read about it in our travel guide, which claimed that especially for tourists, health land is amazing because; a) the place is big and has a certain quality standard b) because it’s big, it’s comparably cheap. Reto and I went for a traditional Thai massage, highly recommended. As we stood up pretty late, our day was almost coming to an end. A quick outfit change followed by an amazing fine dining experience at Bo Lan was what we went for. If you’re a foodie, this is probably one of the best Thai food experiences you will be able to make in Bangkok, it’s rather expensive though… Obviously, having some drinks and going out were on the list that they, too. Check out Smalls (bartender cocktails, classy, elegant, exclusive) and Iron Fairies (relaxed, fun, live music) for cocktails and a little music. Extra tip: while you can eat street food 24/7, pay attention to the fact that a lot of restaurants, bars and clubs close quite early, around 2am.


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 21.07.46

*Bangkok, Brekkie, Sukhumvit area

The next two days consisted of a lot of shopping, which Bangkok is a great place for. Not only can you literally buy everything here, it’s also super cheap and kind of unique. Asians go crazy when it comes to fashion, perfect for finding unique, elaborate pieces that complement your wardrobe. My favourite mall in Bangkok is Siam discovery, a mall featuring smaller and affordable but pricey designer brands. My second hot tip for shopping would be the world’s largest market, Chatuchak, featuring hand-crafted shoes, scarves, t-shrts and pretty much anything you could ever imagine. Moreover, you can eat epic street food at Chatuchak and the close by Or-Tor food market, including fresh coco ice-cream served with toppings of your choice.



*Bangkok, Siam Discovery



*Bangkok, Or-Tor market


*Bangkok, Chatuchak market, JJ coco icecream

PS: A follow me around video is coming, soon…

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  • Sebastian
    August 20, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Honestly I’m pretty disappointed in your tips… You seem like a person that would be an experienced traveler but instead you comment about things that should be clear as a traveler who is going to Asia- you should never ever shout to a person in another country, I would be rude as well. Just saying…

    • Leyla
      August 23, 2016 at 1:05 pm

      Hi Sebastian,

      I’m sorry I only get back to you now, but I did not really have the time to do so before. I appreciate your suggestion, however I do not feel like this is too much of a random fact to talk about. Honestly, I have read many blogpost about bangkok myself, giving advise on very “touristy” spots and “unnecessary” tips like you would call them. Anyhow, this what I wish I had known earlier without meaning to offend anyone. A blog is shared opinion and I’m happy it opened up a discussion. Moreover, I did not shout to anyone, I was just using my regular manner of speaking, which is loudER but I, in no means, would should to anybody in any case for no reason.

      Have a nice day!

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