Things to Do in Karaköy Istanbul

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Bomber Jacket: Topshop
Top: Zara (similar here)
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Boots: Acne Studios (budget version here)
Bag: Chloé

Photos by Reto T. / Edit & Concept by me. 

Things to Do in Karaköy Istanbul

If you read my travel post on Istanbul here, you know that Karaköy is a hotspot in Istanbul, mainly dragging hipsters, rich kids and random locals. Kara by the way means black or dark in Turkish, while köy means little village, just in case you wondered. Maybe thats the reason why everything hip and fun is going on in Karaköy? Just kidding.

What’s Cool About Karköy

Besides the fact that Karaköy is pretty well situated, beneath Taksim, to the left of Besiktas and to the right of Eminönü, where all the touristic sights are (Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia…), Karaköy also has a walking promenade directly at the Bosphorus. While this makes a beautiful walk on its own, black village also comes with some pretty cool apparel and accessory stores. You might not be able to spot them at first, but if you walk around for a little while you’ll find some cute little cafés and thrift shops and fancy bars.

My Favourites

Souq Karaköy Bazaar
Karaköy Junk
Karabatak Café
Unter Café/Bar



shop karaköy istanbul

things karaköy istanbul

things karaköy istanbul



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