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Outfit of the day:

Dress: Asos
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Chloé

Photographed by Reto T./Edited by me. 

I’m so excited to finally be able to share these pictures with you. I’ve definitely fallen in love with Paris for it’s beautiful venues and this one’s my particular favourite. It was nothing but a coincidence when I saw this watch on Gal meets Glam’s instagram profile and I instantly knew I wanted to find out where the heck she took that insane picture. Of course, it had to be Paris. For a little moment it felt like destiny, since I would be going to Paris anyhow the other weekend. So, here they are!

I’ve been to Paris for three times and I already have a little history regarding this particular city. The first time I was roughly 16, excited about a two weeks language course in the fashion capitol. It came out though, I hated this place. For some reason there was nothing likeable about Paris that time. It was constantly pouring rain, my guest mother was a desperate old cat lady and my language course was filled with busy businessmen instead of people my age. I ended up fleeing to Istanbul, since I couldn’t stand the thought of my family spending a nice vacation with our relatives and me being on my own in rainy Paris. I swore to myself, I’d never visit Paris again.

Then my boyfriend happened, and with him the idea of a romantic trip to Paris came up. After having brought up a dozen of reasons why I coulnd’t go to Paris, my boyfriend insisted on letting myself into this adventure and trust him. He tried to assure me that it’d be nice if I went with him and that we’d have a good time (yeah totally…). When we boarded the plane for Paris last year I still thought that this trip wound end in my boyfriend believing me how ugly and dirty Paris was. Magical as it is though, Paris revealed its beautiful side to us. The weather, the food, jardin des tuileries, champs elysées, le marais, rue oberkampf and le louvre. As much as I hated Paris the first time, I loved it the second.

Stay tuned for more to come..

With love,

Lisa Leyla







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