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Today was great, more than great, I think the word I am looking for is interesting. I’ve been out for a brunch with my cousin this morning and later I’ve been taking pictures at this amazingly photogenic place called Rote Fabrik (red factory). So far, so good. I did not plan to have a shoot their, but when I drove past it this afternoon, I quickly checked myself in the mirror, thought I looked fine and decided to go for it. I reckoned it’d be a interesting contrast between the come down factory and myself being suited all up.

As usual, I unpacked my camera and tripod, chose myself a background setting and started to position my camera. Suddenly, different people came by and approached me. “What are you doing?”, “Nice camera!” the other said. I explained that I was shooting pictures for my blog, and that I thought the factory was the perfect, urban background to my street style pictures. Never has it occurred to me, that so many people were actually interested in what was happening around them. Soon, I started chatting with two elderly gentlemen, one an artist, the other and architect. Sadly, my camera’s batteries went low and I couldn’t ask them for a picture.

It occurred to me that when you come to those washed-down places, unexpected things happen. And why? Simple answer: people who choose to march to a different drummer gather around places that march to a different drummer. The atmosphere around the Rote Fabrik is so cool and chilled, yet colourful and lively. Within those 40 minutes I had spent there taking pictures and chatting to the boys, I noticed a difference. The difference between those places and the chic and fancy ones. Less boundaries, less rules.

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  • Friedrich Michael
    May 11, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    Hallo Leyla,
    wir haben dich am letzten Donnerstag in Baar vermisst. Die kleine Ausstellung von Werken von ABM (Anüll Bleisch Moser) im Raum von Brigitte Moser ist sehr gelungen (Dorfstrasse 27).
    Schön, dass die Vespa von 1997 doch noch auf deine “Bühne” gefunden hat. Du hast ihr neues Leben eingehaucht. Besten Dank!
    Take care

    • leylasbazaar
      May 11, 2015 at 10:30 pm

      Hi Fritz. Ja, ich wollte wirklich vorbeischauen, nur habe ich leider direkt den Tag danach einen neien Job angefangen… Ich arbeite jetzt in der neuen Rooftop Bar über der Modissa… Deswegen konnte ich gar nicht kommen… Vielen Dank Dir, dass ich mir Deine Vespa schnell ausborgen durfte! Wenn du wieder mal einen interessanten Event hast, lass michs wissen!

      Lieber Gruss,

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