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swiss blogger zurich
Swiss Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger from Zurich
Swiss Blogger Zurich

My name is Lisa Leyla. People call me Leyla in Turkey and Lisa in Switzerland. Growing up in Antalya and moving to cold, but beautiful Switzerland has drastically changed my life from one second to another. However, my parent’s decision to move to Zurich has given me the opportunity to embrace a totally new world and moreover, many opportunities, which I am very grateful for. Trying to connect two clashing cultures from an early age on was challenging, but rewarding, too. If I was an animal, I’d probably be a chameleon – able to quickly adapt to its surrounding.

Like every other blogger, I’m an extrovert, who has a passion for sharing stories and experiences with other people. I created this site to express myself and tell friends and strangers about the places I like to visit, food I like to eat and clothes I like to wear. Leyla’s Bazaar covers all aspects of young women’s life, it’s Lisa & Leyla, and hopefully a lot more in the future. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration, awesome travel guides or tips on how to look chic without spending a fortune, you can keep updated directly on the blog or on my main social media channel, Instagram.

Seeing the world through a camera lens can be fascinating, and sharing it makes it even more enjoyable.