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Outfit of the Day:

Leather optic pants: Zara
Top: Zara
Flats: Zara
Shades: Ray Ban
Bag: Chloé

Photographed by Reto T./Edited by me. 

Today I’m finally sharing with you the “beautiful Paris”, the one I only got to know the second time I visited. The “beautiful” Paris is not only super trendy and cool, but also very chic and glamourous. I love how this city makes me feel and there are so many places to visit. Whether you prefer Parisian cafés, trendy bars, fine food restaurants or fancy concept stores, you can find it all in Paris. Here are my top picks for a day in Paris:


This is probably the toughest decision of all, but if I only had one night in Paris I’d definitely eat at Pierre Sang on Rue Oberkampf. Pierre Sang knows how to mix things up with his Asian-French fusion approach to fine dining. The coolest thing about this place is that it consist of only 12 seats at a long bar, where you are served a surprise menu in two shifts, one starting at 7 and the other at 9 pm. Basically you just sit down and enjoy a good glass of wine while watching the chefs preparing one dish after the other for you. Best thing about it, it’s neither expensive nor snobbish. Definitely a must-eat!


This one’s easy. I’ve been to Mary Celeste 3 times now and my opinion remains unchanged. Again in the neighberhood of rue Oberkampf, this bar not only serves amazing cocktails but also super cool snacks to munch on before heading to dinner. Please try their signature dish for me, the devilled eggs!


Everyone visits the Louvre and I agree, it is a must-visit. However, I was amazed by Musée d’Orsay this time, where we shot some stunning pictures for one of my latest posts (here). The museum used to be a train station and the building itself is wort visiting. There are also some lovely exhibitions and a very chic looking restaurant on the upper floor.


Again, this decision’s a tough one. Generally I’d say, all the really cool stuff in Paris definitely bundles around boulevard Beaumarchais. One of my favorite concept stores, Merci, is located there, too.

Thats it, my top 4 picks for Paris, definitely manageable in one day.

Thanks for reading,

Lisa Leyla

Top Tips Paris

Top Tips Paris

Top Tips Paris

Top Tips Paris


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